doreeto (kidnamedchicago) wrote,

 Day 3: My favorite television program

this is also a three way tie, hahaha. i'm very indecisive, if you can't tell.




so. svu: i've been watching this show since i was six or seven years old. i've always been really good at being detective-like~ and this show just fed my interests so much when i was a kid, especially because i felt smart for knowing about practically everything when i was that young (honestly, i probably shouldn't have known about rape and the like, but i did). my goal in life used to be becoming a police detective. then i grew up and started trusting cops less and dislking them more. i no longer want to be a detective, but i still love this show, even with how cheesy it's gotten.

sopranos: i spent almost my entire summer of 08 (the last month was dedicated strictly to CFOB) renting the season dvds of the sopranos from netflix. i'd literally watch six or seven episodes in a row. i remember the first episode i watched with my mom and stepdad out in the living room, and we all had glasses of wine. we spent the first few episodes like that, and then i holed up in my room and watched the entire series. i've always had a silly thing with mafia/mobs, and especially after learning that i'm like 194435% italian (actually like 25%), it just made me more interested. i also watched goodfellas and some other mafia movie this summer. to this day i still fucking love the sopranos. i haven't watched an episode in over a year, but i def would love to re-rent the series. ha.

house: i don't even remember the first episode of house i ever watched was. but i think at some point there was a marathon on usa (surprise there - i watched a lot of monk and svu at the time so that's probably how i got caught up in it). i'm pretty sure i started getting into it at the end of the summer 08, and i started watching episodes online during the first few months of freshman year. anyway, i love this show why everyone else loves this show. house is so amazingly cynical and sarcastic and amazing. i dunno. i'm also really interested in (and have been since i was little, thanks to my dad formerly being a part time nurse) being a doctor, and this was this sparked the interest into a brightly lit flame. i've been a lot more into science and doctor-ism lately, and i'm starting to look into school and stuff like that for it. blahblahblah. point is, i love this show a ton. i've seen every episode except for most of the ones from the current season. chase = nomnom. haha.

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