doreeto (kidnamedchicago) wrote,

 Day 5: My favorite quote
hmph. well, i'm not gonna use any song lyrics, because they're like the script to my life. and it would be way too fucking hard to choose just one out of the thousands of songs and hundreds of bands that i love. also, i know i'm totally lame for pretty much loving everything pete wentz says but... that's just too bad.

so. favorite: 

"just because today is a terrible day, doesn't mean tomorrow might not be the best day of your entire life. you just have to wake up and get there."

i've loved this quote since i heard it in... i don't know. 06? i just love it a lot, and that's that.

honorable mentions (don't make fun of me):
"get a spark in that head of yours and don't let anyone blow it out." (also my journal title)
"he said i belong locked up in a hospital somewhere so i'll forget who i am. joke's on him. i never really knew who i was."
"when i die please make me a legend, so i don't have to come back and try again."
"a secondhand account of stories that never happened. and the good times were never quite as good as we remember."
"i miss the days when we spent every day together. my head has been delayed. there is dust on the times i love."

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