doreeto (kidnamedchicago) wrote,

Day 6: My biggest pet peeve

oh berjeeez. i don't even know. while i can be annoyed by practically EVERYTHING, i'm also very tolerant of it all. it's honestly just the kind of mood that i'm in. so, like, stupid/ignorant people piss me off a lot. but if i'm happy, they just make me laugh. kind of like that. so i guess the thing that probably annoys me the MOST out of ANYTHING is when people lie to me. that is THE worst thing you can do to me. growing up with adults more than children i've learned how to read people very well and i'm a great lie detector. it's something that i've always been good at. i just know when people are lying to me and it bothers me A LOT. plus, i almost always find out when people lie to me. of course i can't say that there's been a time where someone lied to me and i didn't find out, because i wouldn't know, but i do find out when people lie to me. it's just jkdshfjhajdkf. it bothers me a lot. i prefer people to tell me the truth and hurt my feelings than lie to me. i really just hate it. a lot. haha.

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